Redirecting obsolete URLs to a T4 page

With the transition from Commonspot to TerminalFour, most of the links to pages on will be changing. We will be managing some of these changes at the web server level, to ensure that SCU web site home pages can still be found. But pages within sites will need to have page-level redirects added in order to avoid returning a 404 (broken link) error. For example:

Your current site includes a popular page with the following URL:

In your T4 site, this page is found at

To make sure that site visitors following a link to the original popularpage.cfm URL find their way to the new page, add the "Redirect to this page" to your T4 "popular" section. Enter the original URL path in the content type's URL field.

Just include the part of the URL that follows "" - the host name doesn't need to be included. In our example, the form entry would look like this:

When site visitors follow a search engine link to the original popularpage.cfm URL, the web server will automatically redirect them to the new /mysite/popular/ page.

Here's an example of a T4 redirect in action. The following URL points to a page that doesn't exist at this path, but the new page includes a redirect that catches this URL and points it to the right location.

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