What is "approved" content?

When content is created or edited in TerminalFour, it is in a "pending approval" state by default. That means the content can be viewed in T4's Preview mode, but it's not eligible to be published to the staging and production web servers.

In the T4 Site Manager, you can see how many content items are pending approval for a section in the group of color-coded icons. Green means that the content is approved, Orange is pending approval, and Red is inactive (deleted, and eligible to be purged).

In this example, we can see that 4 content items are approved and 10 are pending for the "At a Glance" section.

When the full-site publishing process runs (this will be scheduled to run automatically every 15 minutes), any content that is Approved (Green) will be published to the staging server (stage-www.scu.edu) and then on to the production web servers. Any content that is pending approval will not be published.

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