Modifying the URL for your site

When T4 publishes web pages, it will use the section name to compose the URL. The section name is converted to lower-case, and any spaces or non-alphanumeric characters are converted to a dash (-). For example, the “Information Services” section includes a subsection named “Information Security”. By default, that would result in this URL when published:


This isn’t all that easy to read, a bit long, and doesn’t match the URL for the site published in Commonspot (/is/secure/). There is an option available in the section editing form that will allow you to modify the URL. That’s the Output URI field. In our example, we can use that field to create the /is/secure/ URL for the published page. Here’s how that looks when editing the Information Services section to use “is” in the URL:

In the Information Security section we’ll enter “secure” for the Output URI. This only changes the URL - the page title and navigation will still use the section names, "Information Services" and "Information Security". Here’s the published page, with the shorter URL derived from the Output URI fields.

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